Wm. Linn & Son

Wm. Linn & Son, Upholsterers’ Furnishers, 292, Argyle Street.—

    Closely connected with the upholstery trade is a very important branch of industry that comprises the manufacture of all descriptions of upholsterers’ trimmings, &c. Among the leading firms in Scotland thus engaged the most representative is that of Messrs. William Linn & Son, who have acquired a very widespread and valuable reputation in this trade. The business has been in existence a considerable time, having been established in 1851 by Mr. Linn.

    The premises occupied are situate at 292, Argyle Street, and comprise a very spacious warehouse of three flats that contain a very large stock of goods incidental to the trade. In connection with the warehouse there are large workshops where about fifty hands are employed. The whole of the establishment is most commodiously arranged and well fitted, and is in every respect adapted to the business of the firm.

    It can hardly be said that there are any special features of the business. The trade is in fact extremely comprehensive, and includes all branches of work that are connected with the manufacture of the various goods used by upholsterers generally. For many years this house has been exceptionally noted in this connection.

    The original proprietor was a gentleman widely known and respected in the commercial world, who by energetic and able management developed a very large trade and gained for the firm an unsurpassed reputation for the high-class quality of the goods supplied. This reputation the present proprietors are worthily maintaining in every branch of the trade. To this end they have exercised great care in selecting the numerous hands from the ranks of the most skilled and experienced, and the work in every department is executed under very careful supervision. None but goods of the highest quality are allowed to emanate from this well-known establishment, which ranks among the very foremost houses in the trade.

    The trade is confined exclusively to the wholesale department, and extends not only to the immediate district of Glasgow but also to all parts of Scotland and England, the connection being among the leading wholesale and retail establishments in the trade. The business is very ably conducted in every department, and the proprietors command one of the most thriving and successful trades in Glasgow.

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