J. & D. Littlejohn

J. & D. Littlejohn, Wholesale and Family Old Wine Stores, Charing Cross.ó

    When the most eminent and most experienced physicians prescribe a liquor for their patients, and the result is proved over and over again to be restoration to health, no better proof of the purity and wholesomeness of that liquor could be got. Such is the liquor dealt in by J. & D. Littlejohn at the above address. This business was established originally in Aberdeenshire as far back as 1818, and has always been in the hands of the same family, the sole partner now being James W. Littlejohn. The firmís business was conducted in Sauchiehall Street for over a quarter of a century, and at the present address for twelve years.

    This establishment consists of a splendid shop and cellarage, and contains an immense stock of liquors. These include their renowned life-giving invalid 4-X stout ; their famous invalid brandy twenty-five years old, and fifteen-year-old whisky, all warranted pure, and matured by the old firm. A most valuable part of the stock is a quantity of brandy which was imported by the founder of the firm in 1818, the price of it being £3 12s. per bottle.

    This firmís trade is principally in the choicest old wines and spirits, but their great speciality, and one which is recommended by the medical profession, and above all, on account of the marvellous cures it has effected, is the firmís invalid 4-X stout. It may be said, for the benefit of delicate people, that it is a high tonic and blood-maker ; the weakest stomachs retain it.

    Mr. Littlejohnís branches are at North Street, Great Western Road, and Govan. He enjoys principally a family trade, and his connection extends over the three kingdoms. The general business principles of this house are such as to merit for Mr. Littlejohn his high position as a wholesale and family wine merchant.

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