Robert Livingston

Robert Livingston, Brassfounder & Manufacturer of every Description of Brasswork for Engineers, Shipbuilders, Plumbers, Gasfitters, &c., 136, Nelson Street, Tradeston.—

    This business was established in 1855 by Mr. Robert Livingston in the premises now occupied, and has all this time been under the constant personal charge of the founder. The premises are well arranged, and thoroughly suited for the class of trade carried on. They consist of a three-storied brick building, entered from the front by a wide court. A well-appointed counting-house is at the side of the court, and there are kept a large stock of patterns of the various kinds of work on which the firm has been at various times engaged. The rest of the building is entirely devoted to workshops, where every species of brass goods is manufactured, that for house furnishing constituting a large trade, though the principal business done is in manufactures for ships’ use.

    In both these branches first-class work is turned out, the situation of the workshops, within easy distance of the docks and shipping, making them largely patronised by the shipbuilders, shiprunners, and all in the shipping business. Mr. Livingston works largely for the trade, and receives a great amount of work from engineers, plumbers, and gasfitters. This trade from its establishment has been a thoroughly substantial one. His large premises give ample facility for undertaking any sort of brasswork, while the standing of the house and the perfect workmanship which emanates from it recommends this firm to all. There are forty men employed.

    Mr. Livingston is well known in the trade and respected. The business is well managed and is thoroughly worthy of the position it has attained to-day.

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