Lockhart’s Cocoa Rooms

Lockhart’s Cocoa Rooms, 75, Bishop Street, Anderston.—

    The success that has been achieved by the various establishments that are known as Lockhart’s Cocoa Rooms is almost phenomenal in its character. These establishments are very similar in character, all being commodiously arranged and well-fitted, and as a general rule about five or six hands are employed. Cleanliness is a subject to which special attention is very properly devoted. Lockhart’s Cocoa Rooms being well-managed and conducted under careful supervision, are kept in excellent order, and have thus become widely popular. The public are supplied with all descriptions of refreshments, such as tea, coffee, cocoa, eatables in great variety, aerated drinks, &c. These commodities are supplied at very reasonable prices, and the establishments have thus supplied a very great want in this direction.

    Messrs. Lockhart, Smith & Co., have eleven branches in Glasgow, three in Leeds, nine in Newcastle, three in Sunderland, two in South Shields, and one each in Gateshead, Jarrow, and Darlington. The head offices are at 75, Bishop Street, Anderston, whence the whole of the business is conducted. An enormous trade is done, and the firm are widely popular in all parts.

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