Logie & Co.

Logie & Co., Bridgeton Cross Drapery and Clothing Warehouse, 2, 4, and 6, Main Street, and 166 to 172, James Street.—

    The energy and enterprise which are so eminently characteristic of the business men of this city are nowhere more apparent than in the extensive establishment of Messrs. Logie & Co., the Bridgeton Cross drapery and clothing warehouse, 2, 4, and 6, Main Street, and 166 to 172, James Street. This firm succeeded to a very old-established business, and purchased the large and valuable stock of Mr. Alexander Monteith on his leaving this city.

    The extensive premises occupied by this firm are admirably situated, and form one of the most attractive features of this neighbourhood, the large and handsome shop has fourteen fine-sized plate-glass windows, in which are displayed with effect the well-known goods of this establishment. The showrooms are of handsome proportions, and fitted up in a very superior style. The entire warehouse, both outside and in, has been newly painted, which with several improvements, such as a newly fitted up fitting-room for ladies, mirrored and carpeted, must be a great comfort to those who patronise this establishment.

    The various departments are each under the control of a competent manager having a special knowledge of the goods under their charge, and supplemented by a large staff of experienced salesmen and assistants, a marked and impressive feature being the polite yet unobtrusive attention of everyone connected with the establishment. This stock is very large and comprehensive, being replete with all the best features of the various lines engaged in, and thoroughly representative of the trade, and embraces ladies’ costumes, millinery, mantles, beaver shawls, paletots, black dolmans,, fur mantles, ladies’ underclothing, gentlemen’s hosiery, shirts, scarfs, ties, ladies’ and gents’ gloves, in every variety ; ladies’ silk scarfs and stays ; a very fine stock of silks and dress materials.

    In the household department, blankets, tapestry bed mats, heavy twilled cotton sheets, towels, Wincey skirtings, skirts, bolster and pillow slips, flannels, plaidings. prints, lace curtains, hearthrugs, table-covers, floorcloths, carpets, beam door-mats, &c. The clothing department is a very important branch of the business, and contains a splendid assortment of gentlemen’s trousers,, tweed suits, black worsted suitings, ready-made clothing, men’s black mole trousers and boy’s ditto. Boys’, youths’ and men’s hats and caps, and men’s felt hats in every shape and style.

    The admirable system upon which this business is conducted, combined with the thorough manner with which this firm have identified themselves with the interests and requirements of their numerous customers, have rendered this establishment one of the most popular in this district. Mr. Logie possesses the advantage of over thirty years’ practical experience in both the wholesale and retail departments of this trade, and by his well-known integrity, sound judgment, and genial courtesy, has gained the esteem and confidence of a very extensive and valuable connection.

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