Lorimer & Moyes

Lorimer & Moyes, Wholesale Warehousemen, 56, Howard Street.—

    Few mercantile houses have attained such a leading and prominent position in their particular line of business as that of Messrs. Lorimer & Moyes, one of the most thriving and popular firms in the north of Great Britain. The business was originally founded by Messrs. John Lorimer and William Moyes, in the Argyle Arcade, Glasgow, about the year 1851. As then constituted it was, compared with its present position, of somewhat moderate pretensions, but under the able and energetic management of the joint proprietors very rapid progress was made and a large business developed. This necessitated a removal to more commodious premises in Buchanan Street, and even these were inadequate to meet the requirements of the increasing business, which subsequently became located in St. Enoch Square. The proprietors then removed to their present establishment in Howard Street in 1876.

    The firm is now in the sole proprietorship of Mr. Moyes. Mr. Lorimer died about nine years ago, and, among other legacies, he left £8,000 to the Glasgow University, in order to provide for the noted “Lorimer” bursaries or scholarships in theology, philosophy, medicine, &c. The business is still carried on under the original title, and the firm now occupy spacious warehouses, &c., and employ a numerous staff in the various departments incidental to the business. These are all more or less connected with what maybe generally described as fancy goods. A very important feature of the business is the supply of such goods as combs and brushes, the latter branch including not only those required for toilet purposes, but also such as household brushes, brooms, &c.

    A totally distinct and yet equally important department includes every variety of article coming under the heading of druggists’ sundries. Somewhat more closely connected with this department than any other is an important trade in all descriptions of perfumes, including all the most popular varieties emanating from the leading manufacturing firms. This branch also includes all varieties of pomades, hair preparations, and similar toilet requisites. The trade also comprises an extensive business in such fancy goods as pipes, cigar-holders, tobacco-pouches, card-boxes, needle-books, walking sticks, &c. A large and influential connection is maintained in every part of Scotland, a numerous staff representing the interests of the firm throughout the North of Great Britain generally. The business is very ably conducted, and owes much of its success to the energy and ability displayed in its management.

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