James Lumsden, Son, & Co.

James Lumsden, Son, & Co., Wholesale Stationers, Account Book and Envelope Manufacturers, 20, Queen Street.—

    One of the oldest and most thoroughly representative of Glasgow’s prominent houses in the wholesale stationery trade is that of Messrs. James Lumsden, Son, & Co. This eminent firm was founded as far back as the year 1755, by Mr. James Lumsden, who at that distant period established the business upon a footing of permanent progress and prosperity, and marked out for it a course of success which it has ever since pursued. Mr. James Lumsden was one of Glasgow’s notable and prominent citizens in his time, and James the second of that name filled with great credit the most exalted post in the power of the municipality to offer — the office of Lord Provost. He was succeeded in the control of the business by his son, the late Sir James Lumsden, who was also chosen for the lord provostship of the city, and who received the honour of knighthood as the result of participation in laying the foundation stone of the New University, which important event took place during his tenure of the chief magistracy. Many years ago Mr. Robert Garrow and Mr. Thomas McComb entered the firm as partners, and these two gentlemen are now the joint principals of the house.

    The premises occupied and devoted to the purposes of this extensive business are large, commodious, and admirably adapted to all the requirements of such a trade, and they are particularly interesting as being the oldest and first-erected buildings in the fine thoroughfare of Queen Street. The manufacturing departments are most completely equipped with every modern facility, and in the warehouse and factory the firm employ a total staff of upwards of one hundred men, boys, and girls.

    Messrs. Lumsden’s leading speciality consists in account books, which are manufactured throughout, in great variety, on the premises, and for these a very high reputation has long been deservedly enjoyed. The firm also produce envelopes of all kinds and of excellent and well-known quality, and a large and comprehensive stock is held in stationery of every description for commercial and general purposes.

    The business connections of the house are of a most valuable and influential order ; all its affairs are administered by the present proprietary with marked judgment and ability, and the trade controlled includes a valuable export connection in the East and West Indies, and is large in volume, entirely wholesale in character, and extends over a widespread circle of custom in all parts of Scotland.

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