P. & T. Lynch

P. & T. Lynch, Brewers and Aerated Water Manufacturers, 796, Gallowgate Street.—

    The Crownpoint Brewery is an establishment that is widely known in the district of Glasgow generally, and the proprietors, Messrs. P. & T. Lynch, rank among the most prominent brewers of the locality. The business over which they so ably preside is one of the oldest of its kind, and has been established a considerable number of years. The premises occupied are of very spacious extent. Special attention has been devoted to the fittings and plant of the brewery, and in every instance these are of the most modem and improved description, no expense having been spared to render the establishment complete in every detail. A large number of hands are employed.

    Messrs. Lynch’s business may be said to comprise two somewhat distinct departments, namely, that of brewers and that of aerated water manufacturers. As brewers they have gained a great reputation for the splendid quality of their ales. In the manufacture of the various descriptions of aerated waters the firm have achieved great success and developed a very extensive business. The business done is very extensive in both branches of the trade. As a general rule it is mostly confined to the district in and surrounding Glasgow, although the fame of the firm has extended considerably beyond these limits, and the connection is continually increasing in all directions. The business is very ably conducted, and ranks among the foremost in the trade.

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