MacArthur & Jackson

MacArthur & Jackson, Lubricating Oil Manufacturers, 256-260, Dobbie’s Loan, Glasgow, with branch offices at Dundee, Liverpool, Manchester, and Belfast ; and in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Spain, and India.—

    Amongst the many industrial establishments which contribute so materially to the commercial prosperity of this city and district, the old-established and well-known firm of Messrs. MacArthur & Jackson, lubricating oil manufacturers, of the above address, has for many years occupied a very prominent position in the trade. The business dates back for many years, in the present extensive and commodious premises, which cover a wide area of ground, mostly occupied by large buildings in which the various interesting processes of manufacture are carried out. The plant, machinery, and apparatus are all of the most improved description, some of the most recently introduced appliances being of the firm’s own invention designed for their special purposes, and capable of turning out immense quantities of their well-known lubricating oils.

    Messrs. MacArthur and Jackson were awarded prize medals at the Calcutta, 1883, London, 1884 and 1885, and Antwerp, 1885, Exhibitions, for the superior excellence of their machinery and cylinder oils, and at the International Exhibition, Edinburgh, 1886, received the only medal (silver) awarded for mixed or compound oils. The firm manufacture both the pale and dark varieties for all kinds of machinery and all classes of steam cylinders.

    A good lubricant should first of all reduce friction to a minimum, should be perfectly neutral, and of uniform composition. It should not become gummy or otherwise altered on exposure to air, should stand a high temperature without loss or decomposition, and a low temperature without solidifying or depositing solid matters. The questions of cost and of adaptability to the requirements of light or of heavy bearings are also important considerations. All these essential points have received the study and attention of this firm for many years, the result being the production of a class of lubricating oils of the highest standard of merit, which is well attested by the numerous awards they have obtained, and the constantly increasing demand for them by the users of all kinds of machinery both in home and in foreign markets.

    It is interesting to note that Messrs. MacArthur and Jackson have issued a well-written pamphlet on “Lubrication and Lubricants”, which contains a great deal of useful information, both scientific and practical, respecting the nature and properties, as well as the manufacture, testing, and proper and economical application of lubricants.

    This firm have a splendid connection for the sale of their products, extending to all parts of the United Kingdom, and are well represented in the continental and colonial markets. The partnership consists of Mr. J. G. MacArthur and Mr. John Jackson. Both these gentlemen take an active part in the business, and are also well-known and highly esteemed for their active exertions in promoting the best interests of the trade, commerce, and industry of this city and district.

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