J. & R. Macalister

J. & R. Macalister, Manufacturers, 9, Cochrane Street.ó

    This firm was established some sixteen years back by John and Robert Macalister, the present principals, at premises in Virginia Street, Glasgow, and the business was removed to its present address twelve years ago. Originally the firm only manufactured shirtings and dress goods, but subsequently they commenced the manufacture of light tweeds for waterproof garments, by what is known as the india-rubber process. The firm were the first to manufacture this light fabric for this special purpose.

    Messrs. J. & R. Macalister are likewise manufacturers of all classes of tweeds, linings, and mixed fabrics, and these goods are especially produced by power-loom in the Glasgow district. The concern bears a high commercial character, and their manufactures, of all kinds, are famed for their excellence. The firmís connection is very widespread, extending not merely to all parts of the United Kingdom, but to the continent of Europe. The premises occupied by Messrs. J. & R. Macalister in Cochrane Street comprise a spacious building of several flats, which are used as stock and service-rooms, and for offices, and the firm employ a large working staff.

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