C. & R. Macdonald

C. & R. Macdonald, Agents, 97, Waterloo Street.

    Among the thriving and important firms in Glasgow, a very prominent position must be assigned to Messrs. C. & R. Macdonald, whose business has been in existence about twelve years. When originally established the business was carried on in premises situate at James Watt Street, but a move was made to the present address about six years ago.

    The business is devoted to the oil and colour trade, in which the firm represent many of the principal manufacturing houses of the United Kingdom. The proprietors have acquired a first-class reputation for the exceptionally superior quality of the goods they supply. The connection extends principally to the south and west of Scotland, where the firm are represented by an efficient staff of travellers. The firm is widely known in all parts, and ranks among the foremost houses in the trade.

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