D. & J. Macdonald

D. & J. Macdonald, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers, Melville Place, 132, Trongate.—

    One of the most interesting establishments in this city is the well-known tobacco and snuff manufactory of Messrs. D. & J. Macdonald. This business dates back in its foundation to the year 1840, when it was established by the father of the present proprietors, originally in St. Andrew’s Square. In 1850 it was removed to the present address on the left-hand side of Court, and it may be interesting to many to know, as marking the progress of the city of Glasgow, that the City Assay Office had formerly been there, and the other parts of the building have been occupied as buyers’ offices.

    A few years ago, to meet Messrs. Macdonald’s rapidly increasing business, another removal was necessary, and the present extensive premises (on the right hand of Court) becoming vacant, were taken. These comprise large works and warehouses, together with well-appointed offices and counting-house and .all the accessories of a large and thoroughly organised establishment. The factory is one of the largest and most complete in the trade, being replete with all the most improved machinery and appliances that skill, experience, and mechanical science have devised, including spinning, rolling, cutting, plug and cake-making machines of English and American design.

    In the aggregate, upwards of one hundred and fifty skilled and experienced workpeople are employed in the various departments, the works presenting a busy and animated scene of industrial activity. Messrs. D. & J. Macdonald manufacture all kinds of fancy tobacco and snuff, and have been awarded prize medals at all international and local exhibitions where they have shown.

    A leading speciality of this firm is the “Golden Bar”, which is very popular, and in which they do a large and rapidly increasing business. Messrs. Macdonald have secured the monopoly for the sale of tobacco of all kinds at the present exhibition in Glasgow. The business in every department is conducted with marked ability, energy, and enterprise.

    The firm’s principal outlet is in and around Glasgow, where they do a large business, and they also do a considerable business all over Scotland and England, where they are not represented, but where their high reputation has brought customers to them, and by making their goods so superior as to speak for themselves, they are thereby enabled to dispense with the expenses of representatives, a position which is certain daily to strengthen.

    The present partners are Mr. John Macdonald and Mr. James Macdonald, the sons of the original founder of the business. Both these gentlemen take an active part in the management, and occupy influential positions in mercantile circles.

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