D. K. Macdonald

D. K. Macdonald, Public Works Furnisher and Brush Merchant, 70, Brunswick Street.ó

    This business was established in 1882 by Mr. D. K. Macdonald at the premises now occupied, and which consist of a spacious and well-fitted warehouse that is commodiously arranged and contains a very large stock of the goods comprised within the scope of the firmís trade. The proprietor is widely known as a brush merchant, and also as what is termed a public works furnisher. That is, he supplies the various public works with a variety of brushes &c., that they may require.

    He also supplies various mills and private factories and works with a great number of requisites which manufacturers continually require for the up-keep and equipment of their machinery. The connection is also decidedly influential, and the proprietor has so developed his business and maintained his reputation that he is able to dispense with travellersí services.

    The proprietor also commands a very considerable amount of business as the agent of Kingís lubricating oils. These oils have been adopted with very great success by many of the leading firms in Scotland as well as other parts of the kingdom, and Mr. Macdonald carries on a very good trade in this department.

    In every detail of the firmís trade the business is very ably conducted, and owes much of its success to the energy and ability that have been displayed in its management.

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