James Macdonald

James Macdonald (Successor to Mr. James Pollock), Saddler and Harness Maker, 64, Renfield Street.—

    The old-established firm of Mr. James Macdonald, the successor to Mr. Pollock, manufacturer of all kinds of saddlery, harness, portmanteaus, and volunteer accoutrements, is well and favourably known. The extensive business was originally founded by the late Mr. James Pollock, who was a native of Edinburgh, and not being a free burgess of the city of Glasgow, according to the restrictions at that time in force, he was unable to exercise his calling within the city boundaries, and, consequently, began business early in the present century at Gorbals, but subsequently removed to 51, Stockwell Street, and added to his business of saddler and harness maker that of saddlers’ ironmongery.

    Mr. Pollock was an exhibitor at the first International Exhibition, London, in 1851, and was awarded the only prize medal for the best set of Scotch harness, and the model horse shown at that exhibition may be seen in the carriage section of the Glasgow International Exhibition. In 1862 Mr. Pollock, jun., who had succeeded to the business, and with characteristic enterprise and a laudable desire to extend the business westward, acquired the present extensive and commodious premises, and received the patronage of many of the nobility and gentry from all parts of Scotland. This gentleman retired in 1871 in favour of the present proprietor, Mr. James Macdonald, who had for many years acted as Mr. Pollock’s principal man.

    The warehouse is very large and beautifully fitted up with glass showcases, and an imposing feature being a large life-sized horse, to show off the harness, &e. The stock is very large and replete with items of interest, and thoroughly representative of every branch of the trade, and embraces silver and brass-mounted harness, both double and single ; saddles for hunting and ordinary wear ; beautifully worked ladies’ saddles ; bridles of all kinds and patterns ; cart, waggon, and agricultural harness ; horse clothing, whips, spurs, &c. ; also a very large assortment of portmanteaus in solid leather, and possessing many novelties and improvements in construction ; volunteer accoutrements, and a large stock of sundry goods. The firm has a first-class connection, extending to all parts of the United Kingdom, and also do a very large and rapidly-increasing export business.

    Mr. James Macdonald is well known and highly esteemed in Glasgow.

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