Macfarlane Brothers

Macfarlane Brothers, Engineers, 10, Hydepark Street.

    This rising concern was established in the year 1883 by the present partners, Messrs. Stewart, John, and Peter Macfarlane. They are machine makers, but their specialities are rivet-making machines, bolt-making machines, screwing machines, tapping machines, bar-cutting machines, and fraising machines. The special features of their manufactures may be summed up in three words : simplicity, accuracy, strength. All the moving parts of their machines subject to strain are made of steel, and safety parts are arranged at several points which slip or give way when (through accident or otherwise) the strain becomes excessive, and so prevents breakages, these parts being easily and quickly replaced. There is a great demand for their machines all over the kingdom, and especially for their rivet and bolt-making machines, which have obtained a world-wide repute.

    The works are of good size and are compact and well arranged. They are admirably equipped throughout, and there is a good roomy yard betwixt the two portions of the building. An efficient staff is employed. All three brothers constituting the firm are practical engineers and machinists, and they are, moreover, men of energy and enterprise, and their business is steadily increasing.

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