Colin Macfarlane & Co.

Colin Macfarlane & Co., Coopers, Hoop and Stave Merchants, 109, Moore Street.—

    The firm of Colin Macfarlane & Co. was established sixty years ago (in 1828) in Duke Street, on the site now occupied by Alexander’s school. The business has been conducted on the present premises since 1863. Mr. Henry Macfarlane is the sole principal, trading under the above-named style. This is one of the best cooperages in Glasgow, and the firm have a splendid connection.

    They manufacture all kinds of barrels, staves, and hoops, but their speciality is barrels for brewers and distillers. The cooperage is a most extensive one, covering an area of 3,000 square yards, and fifty hands are employed in the business. The firm’s business, at the present time, is rapidly increasing. The firm have a very valuable connection, entirely apart from the brewers’ and distillers’ businesses. They are very particular in the seasoning of their casks, which cannot in any particular be surpassed.

    The business is worked on the most straightforward and honourable lines, and in a way which commands both confidence and respect. Mr. Henry Macfarlane is a gentleman widely known in Glasgow and the neighbourhood, and he enjoys great popularity and is esteemed both in business and in private life. He was Deacon of the Coopers for upwards of nine years in the Trade House of Glasgow.

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