John Macfarlane & Co.

John Macfarlane & Co., Sailmakers, 15, Park Street, Kinning Park.—

    The sail-making trade is well represented by this, the oldest firm in Glasgow, which was established in 1841 by the late Mr. John Macfarlane, the then sole partner of the firm of John Macfarlane & Co. The present proprietor, Mr. Archie F. Macfarlane, succeeded his father (who was for a great many years known in the trade as “ Honest John”) in 1878, although his father lived until 1883.

    The premises occupied consist of two large fiats 80 by 30 feet, but owing to the increase of business, the firm are at present building new premises on the ground situated to the north side of Kinning Park Free Church, at the comer of Scotland Street and Shields Road (No. 147). These, when completed, will form one of the most extensive and perfect sail factories in the city.

    Messrs. Macfarlane & Co. keep very large stocks of Gourock, Coker, and Arbroath sail-cloths, galvanized clue-rings, &c., &c., and do a considerable trade in sail-making and tent-making, giving employment to over thirty men. Messrs. Macfarlane last year shipped sails to Rangoon for the Government pilot cutter, also a set of sails for a barque belonging to the Whaling Co. of Dunedin. They also send large shipments to China, and have an extensive connection with nearly all the other foreign ports. It is needless to say that Mr. Archie Macfarlane is well known and respected, not only in the trade, but throughout the city, and that his experience and advice are widely solicited and prized by seafaring officials. The firm has for half a century enjoyed a high reputation in their important branch of trade.

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