Macfarlane, Lang & Co.

Macfarlane, Lang & Co., Victoria Bread and Biscuit Factory.—

    This old-established and highly-reputed business was inaugurated as a bread bakery as far back as the year 1817, at 183, Gallowgate, by Mr. James Lang, the premises then consisting of a small shop, with bakehouse attached. The subsequent progress and ever-increasing prosperity of the firm has presented a very forcible illustration of the fact that, in the instance of some of our most eminent commercial and industrial houses, the proverbial “small beginnings” have nearly always been the antecedents of great after-achievements.

    Upwards of thirty years ago the nephew of the founder of this notable house, Mr. John Macfarlane, joined the concern, of which he eventually assumed the principal control, and through the energetic administration of this gentleman the growth of the business received such rapid and vigorous impetus that, in 1860, it was found necessary to remove to much larger premises in Calton. Here Mr. John Macfarlane was joined by his two sons, and, the affairs of the house continuing to prosper, it was resolved to erect premises specially adapted to the trade.

    Accordingly, the present large factory was opened in 1880. In 1885 the firm further decided to add the manufacture of biscuits to that of bread, which had thus far constituted the staple of their industry, and to this end another very extensive factory was built, the bread bakery being at the same time considerably enlarged. The property now comprising the Victoria Bread and Biscuit Works extends to an area of about seven thousand square yards, and this expanse of ground is almost wholly covered by the various buildings incidental to the industry.

    The premises throughout are fitted up in a most complete manner, and are equipped with all the most modem apparatus and appliances for the manufacture of bread, biscuits, and cakes, upon the best principles observed at the present day. Every detail of appointment and arrangement has been most carefully studied in completing the equipment of this well-nigh perfect establishment. All productive facilities have been brought up to the highest level of efficiency, and the scrupulous consideration accorded to that paramount virtue of cleanliness is one of the most pleasing characteristics of the place, and a feature calculated to inspire the fullest confidence in the house and its much-esteemed manufactures.

    A very large staff of travellers, clerks, and workpeople finds regular employment here ; and the entire undertaking is not only typical of native enterprise and commercial resource, but is also a model for industries of its kind in all matters of design and management. Messrs. Macfarlane, Lang & Co., do a most extensive high-class bread trade, ranging throughout the whole of Glasgow and the surrounding districts, and supplying most of the principal retail shops. A very large and widespread trade is also controlled in biscuits and cakes of every description. Special attention is accorded to the manufacture of a superior class of digestive biscuits and in this branch likewise a great volume of business is done.

    The firm have a very far-reaching delivery system, the requirements of which call into action a large number of horses, vans, and attendant employees. The whole industry is one of first-rate magnitude and importance, and no house in Glasgow, or indeed anywhere, has more worthily earned or more consistently maintained a high reputation for the purity, excellence, and general worth of all its productions. The permanent administrative policy of progress and judicious enterprise, which has always conspicuously characterised the management of this representative concern is faithfully pursued by these well-known and respected gentlemen today as at all times in the past, and operates to the continuous enhancement of the success of their house and the preservation of the eminent-status and prestige it has achieved.

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