J. S. Macgill & Co.

J. S. Macgill & Co., Oil Merchants and Drysalters, Wellington Court, 43 Argyle Street.

    This business was established in the year 1856 by the present proprietor in St. Enoch Square, and was removed to the present premises in 1872. These are the property of Mr. Macgill, and comprise warehouses and vaults for the storage of oils and other goods. On removal of the business here Mr. Macgill built a handsome suite of offices and counting-house, with all the accessories of a large and well-appointed establishment.

    The stock is large and comprehensive ; the oils, tallow, soaps, &c., are all stored in the vaults, and comprise every description used for lubricating and other purposes, and include batching, castor, cloth, cod liver, colza, cotton seed, dipping, engine, hutch, linseed - raw, boiled, and refined ; lamp and loom oil, Macgill's lubricating oils, mineral, naphtha, neatsfoot, olive, paraffin, petroleum, pine, painters', machine, rape, resin, salad, seal pale, sperm, spindle, sweet, torch, whale, turpentine.

    In the paint department a large stock of every description is stored, including white and red leads, orange lead, white zinc, anti-corrosion (all colours), black, blue, brown, and green paints in all shades, lakes, lead-colour paints, oxide of iron, bright and dark red brown, purple brown, deep purple, patent dryers, putty, red Italian, Persian or Derby, and rose pink ; also Turkey, Venetian, and vermillion red ; rivet composition, slate and stone-colour paint, white flake, French and mineral-yellow chrome, all shades ; yellow-ochre, Dutch pink, imperial, all shades ; Italian, Oxford, spruce, French, and Scotch ochres. Varnishes of all kinds, including copal, carriage, oak, French ; oil, enamel, mahogany, maple, teak, pine, black japan, lacquer, Brunswick black, French polish, furniture varnish, gold size, &c., &c.

    The drysalteries include an equally comprehensive stock, the prominent features of which are starches, glues, gums, acids, alkalies, bleaching-powder, soaps, glycerine, tar, resin, cement, dyewoods, indigo, &c., as well as all kinds of grease, candles, lard, and tallow.

    The trade is of a very widespread and influential character, the firm having a first-class and old-established connection. Mr. J.S. Macgill is a member of the City Parochial Board, and took a warm interest in the Glasgow Atheneum, and held the position of Chairman of Directors. He has for many years been a staunch advocate of Liberal principles in connection with the central division of the city, and always most strenuous in his endeavours to promote the best interests of the trade and commerce of the city.

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