Macguire & Jago

Macguire & Jago, Saw and Tool Manufacturers, Cutlers, and Ironmongers, 13, Union Street.ó

    The firm of Macguire & Jago are the successors of Mr. John Elsworth, who founded the business nearly half a century ago, namely, in the year 1840, in Argyle Street. The present firm came into the business in 1877, at which time the establishment was in Jamaica Street, and they removed from thence to the Union Street premises in 1886. The sole principal now is Mr. William Bruce Macguire, who still trades under the style of Macguire & Jago.

    The trade carried on is that of saw and tool manufacturers, ironmongers, cutlers, &c., and they are wholesale merchants also. They manufacture every description of saws in use, also mill saws, buckles and keys, axes, adzes, braces and bits and augers, chisels and gouges, planes, plane and machine irons, files of all kinds, engineersí hammers, and tradesmenís tools, and various other articles too numerous to particularize. They also supply tool chests both for workmenís and for gentlemenís use, fitted complete, and ranging in price from twenty shillings to fifteen pounds. Their general stock comprises table, dessert, and pocket cutlery, nickel and electro-plated goods, and all kinds of ironmongery.

    The specialities of the firm are saws, tools, and cutlery, and in addition to a good town and country trade they do a very fair export business. The premises in Union Street comprise a large and handsomely fitted up saleshop and saloon, which are splendidly stocked. The works are separate, being situated in Pitt Street. The firm employ a good working staff, and the commercial standing and repute of the house is first-class. Mr. Bruce Macguire (the principal) is a gentleman widely known in Glasgow, and is of high repute in the city and neighbourhood.

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