Thomas Macindoe & Lauder

Thomas Macindoe & Lauder, Property Agents, 87, Union Street.ó

    An eminent and well-known Glasgow firm in its line is that of Messrs. Macindoe & Lauder, which was established by Mr. Thomas Macindoe in Gordon Street in 1865, and by him afterwards removed to 18, Renfield Street. The occupancy of the present premises took place in 1881, and Mr. John Lauder entered the firm in 1884, when the present title was assumed. The offices are well appointed and conveniently arranged, comprising private, consulting, and waiting rooms. A full staff of experienced clerks are permanently employed in the various departments of the business, which is well organised, and conducted with tact, and energy.

    An extensive general house agency business is conducted in town and country, the special and leading feature being the letting of furnished and unfurnished houses and the sale of the same, for all of which catalogues are printed and issued periodically, free, the firm always being open to add to their lists houses to be let or sold, also tenements and ground for sale and ground to feu, (provided such are not in the hands of other Glasgow house agents.) Copies of Messrs. Macindoe & Lauderís lists will be found in the Royal Exchange, Stock Exchange, and also in a number of the clubs, banks, and hotels in Glasgow.

    The firm are agents by appointment to the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, established in 1797, and are also agents for several other fire, life, accident, and plate glass insurance companies. The patronage accorded the firm is very large, and chiefly confined to the highest class of clients in town and country.

    The members of the firm are gentlemen of great practical experience in all branches of the business, and of the highest professional status. The exchange telephone number is 1459, by which members consult with Messrs. Macindoe and Lauder at once.

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