J. & J. Macintyre

J. & J. Macintyre, Dress and Skirting Manufacturers, 11, George Square.ó

    This extensive business dates back in its foundation to the year 1846, and its history is most intimately associated with the development of this important branch of industry. The site on which the mill now stands was formerly the old College Green. The factory is laid out on a very extensive scale, and ranks with the largest and most complete of its kind in the trade.

    Messrs. Macintyre manufacture silk, woollen, linen, and the very finest class of cotton goods for ladiesí wear, their leading speciality being dress goods, which are fabricated of the very best materials and in the most fashionable colours and designs ; Messrs. Macintyre have frequently anticipated the fashions by introducing designs and combinations of their own special manufacture. In skirtings, the firm make the very best quality only. A special feature of the business is, that the firm buy the silk in the raw state and throw it themselves, which is seldom done by manufacturers in Glasgow.

    The warehouse is situated at No. 11, George Square, in which is a large and valuable stock of the firmís own manufactures. The mercantile department is conducted in a spacious suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house ; a large staff of clerks and correspondents being actively employed. Messrs. J. and J. Macintyre have a splendid connection for the sale of these beautifully fabricated goods, which extends to all parts of the United Kingdom, they also do through the shipping houses a select export business.

    Mr. J. Macintyre is the head of the firm, and is ably supported by his eldest son, Mr. Donald Macintyre ; they are gentlemen occupying a very influential position in mercantile circles, and well known and highly esteemed for their active exertions to promote the trade and commerce of this city.

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