A. & B. Mackay

A. & B. Mackay, Wine and Spirit Merchants and Italian Warehousemen, 501 Sauchiehall Street:—

    The extinguished house of Messrs. A. & B Mackay,  one of Glasgow's notable representative firms in the wine, spirit, and Italian warehouseman's trade, was founded in 1865 at 212, North Street, and has been located at its present address in Sauchiehall Street for the past fourteen years.  The premises here occupied comprise a large,  commodious, and well-appointed shop, and contain a most extensive and well selected stock of superior wines, spirits and high class specialities associated with the Italian trade.

    The two departments of the business thus consist in wines and spirits, and in special classes of fine imported and domestic comestibles. The speciality of the former departments whiskies, and of the latter foreign cheeses, of which a particularly noteworthy stock is held in all leading varieties. It is, perhaps, in connection with their wine and spirit trade that Messrs. Mackay have achieved greatest celebrity, and they are especially renowned as proprietors of a number of notable brands in high-class Highland whiskies, particularly their liqueur whiskies, their old silent malt, and, greatest of all, the famous  “Glenfalloch” blend of Highland whiskey, which has acquired a reputation of the most eminent character all over the world. This delicious distillation admits of no attempt at ordinary praise or commendation, and may be best and most effectively described in the simple but highly expressive words of a distinguished medical gentleman in Lancashire : “As good tipple as mortal need swallow— real nectar.” The “Glenfalloch” whiskey has obtained a splendid success abroad, especially in India, and its eminent merits were fittingly recognised at the Calcutta Exhibition of 1883 and 1884, where it gained the distinction of a prize medal.

    The firm have numerous patrons amongst the nobility and county families in Scotland, and also among medical men of note, who frequently send their patients to Messrs. Mackay’s establishment for certain classes of wine for medicinal use. This speaks sufficiently for the reliable character and known purity of the firm’s stock. A distinctly first-lass trade is controlled, both in Glasgow and the counties, and also a very large export, which, first started in 1879, has now assumed most extensive proportions. In some places, notably the West Indies, Messrs. Mackay have quite a monopoly in certain lines of goods. The house has agencies all over the British Empire in every quarter of the globe, and have also appointed agents in all parts of England and Wales to supply the public there with their celebrated and popular whiskies. In connection with their spirit trade Messrs. Mackay control a large bonded warehouse, for which they have to furnish a bond to the Government to the value of £30,000 — £15,000 for inland and £15,000 for export trade.

    Between the shop in Sauchiehall Street and the bonded stores, employment is afforded to a staff of upwards of thirty hands. The whole business is conducted with conspicuous ability and sound Judgment by the experienced principals of the house, Messrs. A. & B. Mackay respectively, and no firm could have won by more honourable and legitimate means the eminent reputation this well-known concern has for many years enjoyed.

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