A. Mackay & Co.

A. Mackay & Co. Ship-Owners, 16, St. Enoch Square.—

            There are few branches of commerce in which the energy and enterprise so characteristic of the mercantile men of this city have been more actively engaged than in the development of the shipping trade, in which business the old established and well-known house of Messrs. A. Mackay and Co. has for many years occupied a very prominent position. Messrs. Mackay and Co., who were established over twenty years ago, have extended their connections, and have now business relations with almost every part of the globe.

            The premises comprise a suite of exceedingly well-appointed offices, and counting-house and private rooms. The firm is well known as the “Yacht Line” of clipper ships, all Clyde built, and the fleet owned by the firm at present represents eight large iron ships with a net register tonnage of over 13,000 tons. Another branch of the firm’s business is their Quebec timber trade, in which, for many years, their wooden ships have been employed in carrying cargoes of timber to this country. An efficient staff of clerks and assistants is constantly employed.

    Messrs. Mackay & Co. have a first-class connection with the leading merchants and shippers in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. Mr. A. Mackay, who is the sole partner, is a gentleman occupying a high position in mercantile circles, and has for many years been most intimately associated with the commercial prosperity of Glasgow.

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