M. Mackay

M. Mackay, Wholesale Tea Merchant and Grocer, 430, Duke Street, Dennistoun.—

    This extensive business affords a striking Instance of the successful results of well-directed energy and enterprise. M. Mackay has been engaged in this business over twenty-two years. The premises occupy a commanding comer position, and comprise large and handsome shop and stores, together with all the accessories of a well-appointed establishment. M. Mackay has also another large place of business at 320, London Road.

    The business embraces the operations of the provision dealer, wholesale tea merchant and grocer, and Italian warehouseman, with which is also combined the sale of patent medicines on a large scale, drugs and perfumery. The stock is very large and comprehensive. In teas this house has a high reputation. Mackay’s special blend of fine teas and Mackay’s leading teas are truly perfection in regard to purity and flavour.

    The business in every department receives the strictest personal supervision, and is conducted throughout with marked ability, energy, and enterprise. It would be difficult to find two establishments which are in every detail more thoroughly representative of the trade. M. Mackay has a first-class and very old-established connection in Glasgow and the vicinity, which is well founded on the eminent reputation he has so long enjoyed, and there are few men better known or more highly esteemed in business circles than the spirited proprietor of this valuable business.

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