Robert Mackill & Co.

Robert Mackill & Co., Steamship Owners and Brokers, 29, Waterloo Street.

    One of the prominent houses in the steam shipping trade is that of- Messrs. Robert Mackill & Co. The business was established eight years ago by Mr. Robert Mackill, after his retiral from the business of Messrs. Burrell & Son, in which concern he was a partner for several years prior to 1880. The firm of Messrs. Mackill carry on a large business as steamship owners and brokers, and possess a fleet of steamers employed in various trades.

    The larger vessels of their line are engaged in running to and from India and South America, while their smaller ones form regular traders principally to Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Baltic ports. Between Glasgow, Adriatic, and Italy and Sicily they also maintain regular sailings, and command a large share of the carrying trade to and from these countries. In Glasgow they hold the agency for the Houston Line of steamers sailing weekly from Liverpool to the River Plate.

    Another branch of the business is their brokerage and chartering department, which is conducted with considerable enterprise, and in connection with this may be mentioned the fact that they act as brokers for the sale and purchase of steamships. Mr. Robert Mackill is sole partner.

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