Miss E. Mackinlay

Miss E. Mackinlay, Maker of Ladies’ Underclothing, &c., 149, Sauchiehall Street.—

    The phases of business culture are well brought out in Sauchiehall Street, an instance of which is found fully developed in the establishment belonging to Miss E. Mackinlay, at the foregoing address.

    The business, which was inaugurated in 1865, is devoted to the manufacture of ladies’ underclothing, baby linen, infants' cloaks, hoods, pelisses, lace, hosiery, and other fancy goods. The experience and high merit of the house is evinced by the excellent work turned out, and there is a speciality attached to it worthy of note, namely, the “Rational” corset bodice, which is sold for the patentee by Miss Mackinlay, who on a neatly printed circular, containing woodcuts of the article, gives an intelligent description of its virtues, compared with the older systems; and the materfamilias of the more fashionable circles would do well to cultivate an acquaintance with Miss Mackinlay, who has long enjoyed a well-merited reputation for the making up of children’s dresses and baby linen, and keeps a rich stock of laces and fancy trimmings.

    The shop, which is a single one, with large saloon lit from above, is very attractive. There are large stocks kept of all that is required in the conduct of the business, and nothing but first-class material is held on the premises. It is all a high-class trade that is done, and there is a fine connection in town and country attached to the house. Miss Mackinlay also sends goods to England, India, Burmah, &c. She is highly patronised by the elite of western society, and is well entitled to her conspicuous success, having devoted herself with rare ability and untiring energy to the business for more than a quarter of a century.

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