R.W. Mackinlay & Son

Messrs. R. W. Mackinlay & Son, Metal Smelters, Refiners and Merchants, 110, Great Wellington Street, Kinning Park.—

    Messrs. R. W. Mackinlay & Son is the largest firm in Scotland at present engaged in the very interesting industry of metal smelting and refining. The firm was established in 1857 at Port Dundas, by the senior partner, Mr. R. W. Mackinlay, but the works were removed some twenty-five years ago to the present address.

    The premises are a warehouse with a frontage of 100 feet to Great Wellington Street, and works behind, covering 2,000 square yards of ground. In the works there are reverberatory furnaces, crucible furnaces, a form of the German “ Schachtofen”, and another kind.

    The washing plant is similar to that employed in the “ore dressing” works at Oker, in the Upper Harz. The firm makes a speciality of alloys, and does a very large business in gun-metal (Government and other mixtures), and all varieties of brass. All the operations are performed according to the best scientific skill, and the results obtained are such as to command a ready market.

    The senior partner has shown himself master of his profession in setting up and carrying on, in a remarkably successful manner, so large an establishment. His son, Mr. J. T. C. Mackinlay, having studied smelting, chemistry, and mining in this country, and for two and a half years at the famous Freiberg School of Mines in Saxony, has recently been assumed as a partner.

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