Charles Maclean

Charles Maclean (successor to David Low), Provision merchant and Scotch Haggis and Pudding Maker, 85, Norfolk Street, S.S.

    This house, since 1842, the date of its establishment, has devoted itself with great success to the making of Scotch haggis and puddings, commodities that are comparatively rare nowadays in our midst, especially in their original form. Their trade in these articles of Scotch antiquity extends over the whole world, and is more extensive in the export than in the home branch. Mr. Maclean has been in possession of the business for some time, having succeeded Mr. David Low, the original proprietor and founder, whose niece he married.

    The premises here consist of a good corner shop, substantially fitted up, clean, and inviting. There is a good local trade done in addition to the export, and the shop is much frequented by a circle of customers embracing all classes. The business is a very decided feature of the locality, and its proprietor is none the less so.

    Mr. Maclean is secretary of one of the Liberal Associations here, and takes great interest in local and parliamentary politics. He is also a prominent Wesleyan Methodist, and warmly supports local charities, and gives ready recognition to all social movements of a benevolent order.

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