D. Maclean & Co.

D. Maclean & Co., Merchants, 29, Waterloo Street.ó

    Among the leading and most renowned mercantile houses in the north of Great Britain, is that of Messrs. D. Maclean & Co., who are widely known as general foreign commission merchants and exporters. This is essentially a very high-class and thriving house. The business was originally established in their present premises about fifteen years ago, by Mr. D. Maclean.

    The business comprises the usual branches incidental to commission agents and exporters generally. The trade is confined, to a very great extent, to South America, where the firm have acquired a first-class reputation in many districts among the leading houses. A brief list of the goods that are exported may give some idea of the general scope of the firmís operations. Messrs. Maclean & Co. ship large quantities of tea, groceries and provisions, wines, spirits, hardware, hollow-ware, machinery, fancy goods, tools, &c., &c., and in these branches are specially renowned for the very superior qualities of the goods exported. Another important feature of the trade is somewhat distinct from the last-mentioned, and comprises a variety of goods in the stationery department.

    The firm also export a large amount of china-ware, earthenware in all varieties of form and design, and of the most superior order of manufacture. Saddlery, and boots and shoes also form very important items, for which a great reputation has been gained. The firm also export hardware very extensively, the different branches of this department being extremely numerous and varied.

    It may be readily understood that exporting so many classes of goods, the firm are very widely known in the commercial world, and their business connections extend to all parts of the United Kingdom, and to many parts of the Continent. A large connection is maintained in South America, the business being carried on principally in Chile. The business is very ably conducted in every department, and owes much of its success to the ability and energy that have been displayed in the management, which has placed the firm in the foremost ranks of mercantile circles.

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