Maclean, Macfie & Co.

Maclean, Macfie & Co., Auctioneers and Valuers, 58, Renfield Street.—

    One of the most popular factors in mercantile life large cities is, without doubt, the auctioneer and valuer. A leading house engaged in this line is that of Messrs. Maclean, Macfie & Co., of the Glasgow Auction Hall, which has earned for itself an enviable reputation among the business men of the city, and deservedly controls a large amount of the better class of custom. The business was originally established by Mr. Archibald Macfie in 1873, and became merged in the existing firm during the present year.

    The premises occupied are very spacious and commodious, and are usually stocked with an immense assortment of parlour, dining-room, chamber, drawing-room, and ordinary furniture. The firm have constantly on their hands a full and complete selection of works of art, bronzes, statuary, literary property, pianos, coins and articles of virtu, which are sold by auction at their weekly sales. Auction sales of furniture belonging to parties giving up housekeeping are held at their residences, and weekly sales of carpets, bedding, and furniture are conducted at the auction hall throughout the year.

    The system which prevails in the entire establishment indicates the most careful supervision, while the judgment and taste displayed in the manner of conducting auction sales of the stock entrusted to them proclaim the proprietors to be men of experience and thorough knowledge of their business, as a visit to their hall will amply evidence. When we visited the establishment an extensive sale of books and literary property was being conducted, and much interest was centred on the first edition of Dickens’s “Oliver Twist”, which was knocked down after a keen contest at something under £4.

    Mr. Macfie, who occupied the rostrum, is a cheerful and rapid salesman, keeping up the interest in the sale throughout. A very unique collection of Corean coins was on view in the rooms. The firm is also engaged extensively as values and adjusters of fire losses and insurance claims. Messrs. Maclean, Macfie & Co. make liberal advances on all classes of goods entrusted to them for sale by auction, prompt sales and quick returns being a peculiar characteristic of this well and favourably known house.

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