Macpherson & Buchanan

Macpherson & Buchanan, Live Stock and General Agents, Moore Street.—

    In connection with the trade in live stock a most important firm is Messrs. Macpherson & Buchanan, live stock and general agents, whose offices are situated as above, and whose telegraphic address is “ Darach, Glasgow”. Mr. Donald Macpherson established this well-known business here in 1880, and, having a good connection, the business rapidly increased, so as to require assistance. In 1887 he assumed Mr. James Buchanan as partner.

    The firm give personal attention to every department of the trade, and holding no stock of their own, deal impartially with all consignments. Their centre is Glasgow, but they do business extensively at country fairs and sales, and largely with stock-owners by character. They hold special sales by auction of store stock, and also agricultural sales throughout the country. Messrs. Macpherson & Buchanan owe their great success to their long experience, sound judgment, and well-known integrity.

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