Main & Giffen

Main & Giffen, Seed Merchants, Manufacturers of Manures, &c., 30, Howard Street.—

    Messrrs. Main & Giffen hare been established in business, at the present address, since 1883. The firm are doing a large trade, having secured a first-class reputation for the excellence of all their seeds, manures, and feeding stuffs, and being noted also for their moderate scale of charges.

    The general stock comprises agricultural seeds of every description of the purest and best varieties ; Peruvian guano, nitrate of soda, sulphate of ammonia, Bombay bone meal, Liebig's meat meal, phosphatic gypsum, muriate of potash, best home-made sulphate of potash, genuine kainit, agricultural salt, &c. ; manufactured manures, including bean manure, potato manure, turnip manure, grain manure, dissolved bones, ammoniated bone manure, and mineral superphosphate. The feeding stuffs embrace American linseed cakes, American corticated, cotton cakes, undecorticated cotton cakes, feeding linseed, calf meal, feeding meal, and maize extract meal. The firm also undertake to supply, at lowest current prices, feeding treacle, Indian com, Egyptian beans, Canadian beans, Bombay peas, Muttor peas, &c.

    Their connection is very widespread, covers the whole of Scotland, and also Ireland. Their business is done upon the most honourable and straightforward lines, and the firm possess both the confidence and respect of their clients. Messrs. Main & Giffen sell Harrison, McGregor & Co’s celebrated make of “Albion” mowers and readers, oil-cake breakers, turnip cutters and pulpers, new patent chaff cutters, corn and malt crushers, &c. The seed warehouse is at 57, Fox Street, and the manure warehouse at 73, Hyde Park Street. The premises in Howard Street comprise offices and sale depot, which are neatly arranged and well appointed, and, altogether, the firm employ a considerable number of hands. The business is increasing in a steady and satisfactory manner, and they are now exporting manures to the West Indies and the Continent, and seeds to the colonies.

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