R. & A. Main

R. & A. Main, Gas Cooking and Heating Stove Manufacturers, Park Street, Kinning Park.—

    This firm was originally founded in 1875 by Messrs. Waddell & Main at Ropework Lane, adjacent to St. Enoch station, and were known there as the Argyle Works. In 1883 the Messrs. R. B. & A. Main assumed the sole proprietary and erected their present premises at Kinning Park, a large brick building, measuring one hundred and fifty feet by thirty feet, four storeys in height, in addition to foundry and machinery departments at back.

    The staple trade of the firm is in gas-stove specialities ; they are the makers of “The Universal Domestic” Gas Cooking Stove, an article which is very popular for its cooking, heating, and clean economical propensities. They have always in stock a large variety of heating and cooking stoves, are the makers of Sir William Siemens’ Gas and Coke Fire, and the sole makers for Foule’s Patent Regenerator Gas Fires.

    They have obtained the highest honours at the London, Manchester, Stockport, Aberdeen, and Glasgow Gas Exhibitions, and the gold medal at Edinburgh International Exhibition, and do a very considerable trade at home, and also in the exportation of these goods to foreign countries. The Messrs. Main employ about eighty workmen at their works.

    The history of the gas stove is, in itself, a history of development — this, the Messrs. Main will readily admit, and allow us, amongst the many who have felt and are ready to acknowledge the utility, comfort, and economy of these stoves, to wish them every success in their labours.

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