Alexander Maitland

Alexander Maitland, Baker, Cook, and Purveyor, 86, Albert Road (corner of Kier Street), Pollokshields, East.—

    Bread and pastry baking is appropriately represented in Glasgow by the celebrated bakery of Mr. Alexander Maitland, which was originally established in Argyle Street, and has been located at the present address for the past ten years. The premises consist of a large corner shop, well fixtured and appointed in every detail, while underneath is the bakehouse, with first-class ovens and other appurtenances for the efficient carrying on of this branch of industry. There is also a branch establishment, more particularly devoted to the production of pastry, situated at 164, Eglinton Street.

    A large and comprehensive stock is at all times held, comprising muffins, crumpets, oat cakes, buns, cookies, and other fresh pastries ; marriage, birthday, and christening cakes ; biscuits and fancy breads of all kinds. Steak and mutton pies are also served daily. The speciality for which the house has a great reputation is the production of a superior kind of scone, known as “Maitland’s soda cakes”, which they were the first to introduce in Glasgow, and like all genuine productions have been extensively patronised, and various imitations placed on the market, but only to receive the doom of failure.

    Purveying also is carried on as a distinct section of the business, such as the catering for marriage suppers and soirees, banquets, &c. Dishes of all kinds are also covered on the shortest notice. Mr. Maitland is bringing out a new compound barm that works of itself without requiring to be stored with old barm, which has already been proved to produce the sweetest bread and rolls of fine white quality. An experienced staff of picked tradesmen are permanently employed, the principal operations of the house being the production of bread for family use.

    The trade is chiefly local and of the highest class. The proprietor is a practical baker and pastry cook, and a gentleman highly respected by his numerous customers.

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