Wm. Malcolm

Wm. Malcolm, Fishmonger, 115, West George Street.—

    The fishmonger holds an important position among the victualling tradesmen of Glasgow, and in connection with this branch of business a thoroughly representative firm is that of Wm. Malcolm, whose establishment was founded at this address about half a century ago by the father of the present proprietor. Mr. Malcolm’s premises consist of a splendidly fitted shop and oyster bar, with white marble counter, which gives his extensive stock of fish an exceedingly fresh appearance. The trade carried on is a family one, and the house has a wide connection with hotels and restaurants, extending in the city and suburbs.

    Mr. Malcolm has recently commenced to deal in poultry, which now forms an important branch of the business. The enterprise with which the business is conducted continues to maintain and extend the proprietor’s well-merited connection.

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