Hamilton Marr & Co.

Hamilton Marr & Co., Wrights, Builders, Packing-box Makers, 179, Bothwell Street.ó

    In connection with the building, joinery, and box-making trades of Glasgow, a position of much note and prominence is held by the well-known firm of Messrs. Hamilton Marr & Co., of Bothwell Street, proprietors of the extensive Govan Saw Mills in Robert Street, Govan. This representative house was founded about twenty-five years ago by its present sole principal, Mr. Hamilton Marr, and commenced operations at Govan, where its headquarters are still situate. The Bothwell Street premises have been occupied since November, 1887, and constitute a town office and branch establishment.

    The firmís saw-mills at Govan are very extensive, and were built by the firm expressly to meet the requirements of the joinery, box-making, and wood-working trade. They have working accommodation for a hundred men, and are equipped throughout with the best modern machinery, including several newly improved and amazingly ingenious box-nailing machines. The speciality of Messrs. Marr's box-making industry consists in biscuit-boxes, of which the annual output of the mills amounts to between eighty and a hundred thousand. The firmís productions in these boxes are greatly esteemed, and they have made this class of goods continuously for a number of biscuit manufacturers for over twenty years. Messrs. Hamilton Marr & Co. also undertake all kinds of house-building, and in this connection do a very large business.

    They built the Govan Combination Poorhouse and Asylum, a very creditable structure in every respect, and several extensive railway stations stand as evidences of their skill and capability in building work of the most important character. Another noteworthy department of this comprehensive business consists in general joinery, and more particularly in interior house wood-work of all descriptions, which is executed in the best possible style by highly skilled and competent workmen.

    The trade of the house is large and valuably connected, and its operations are widespread throughout Glasgow and the surrounding neighbourhood. The business is carried on under the direct administration of Mr. Hamilton Marr, who was for a considerable time a magistrate for Govan, is now a member of the Parochial Board, and has always been a prominent public man, as widely respected for his estimable personal qualities as for his business influence and capacity.

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