Marriott & Graham

Marriott & Graham, Makers of Locomotive, Portable, Land, and Marine Boilers, Plantation Boiler Works, Woodville Street, Govan.—

    There are few centres in the United Kingdom which offer to the reviewer or student of the rise and development of our manufacturing industries a wider field of observation than Glasgow and the surrounding neighbourhood, and prominent among the many large establishments which have carried the name and fame of this city to all parts of the world are the well-know Plantation Boiler Works of Messrs. Marriott & Graham, situated in Woodville Street, Govan.

    Reverting for a moment to the early history of this eminent firm, we find that the business dates back in its foundation to the year 1868, and its career is most intimately associated with the progress and development of this important industry from that period up to the present time. In the year 1873 Mr. Graham retired from the firm, and Mr. Reuben Marriott, who is now the sole partner, built the present extensive works. These cover a very large area of ground, nearly eight hundred yards square, but so well planned that every part is available.

    At the entrance is the timekeeper’s lodge and a spacious suite of well-appointed offices and private rooms, crossing the yard is the principal boiler-making shed, a fine building 150 feet long by 50 feet wide. Two more sheds adjoin, both the same size, but a little smaller in dimensions than the large building. There are also large warehouses, boiler and engine-house, stores, and all the accessories of a large and thoroughly organised establishment. A powerful ten-ton travelling crane sweeps the whole yard, also six smaller ones for various purposes. The facility with which heavy weights are here handled is truly marvellous. The sheds and workshops are replete with all the most improved machinery and appliances that skill, experience, and mechanical science have devised to command economical production and meet advancing competition.

    It is interesting to note that Mr. Marriott is about to introduce gas for the purpose of heating the boiler and furnace fires ; the producers are already built, and the process will soon be in operation. The firm are very extensively engaged in the manufacture of locomotive, portable, land, and marine boilers, tanks, chemical and brewing pans, &c., and are the sole makers of Marriott’s patent vertical boiler, with solid welded cross tubes, Cornish boilers with patent welded cross tubes. As an indication of the popularity and widespread adoption of the “Improved Vertical Boiler”, it is worthy of mention that during the past twelve years over 1,500 of this class have been disposed of.

    Special mention should also be made of the “Criterion”, the improved “Cruciform”, and the “Princess” boilers, each of which have advantages for special purposes. For greenhouses, small churches, and schools, the “Glasgow” boiler, made with wrought-iron furnace front, and dispensing entirely with brickwork, has special claims for consideration.

    For marine purposes, and for small yachts and launches, a special kind of boiler is made, known as the “Compound”, for which the firm found it necessary to lay down some special plant. Messrs. Marriott & Graham have a splendid connection for the sale of these boilers, extending to all parts of the United Kingdom ; large numbers also are shipped to various parts of the world. Upwards of one hundred workmen are regularly employed in the various departments.

    Mr. Reuben Marriott, who is now the sole partner, possesses the advantage of long and thorough practical experience, and occupying as he does an influential position in mercantile circles, he is well known and highly esteemed for his active exertions in promoting the best interests of the commerce and industry of Glasgow and the district.

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