Andrew Marshall & Co.

Andrew Marshall & Co., Cotton Tarn Merchants and Twisters, 34 and 48, London Street.

    In connection with the textile industries it is a pleasure to make mention of the firm of Andrew Marshall & Co., cotton yarn merchants, doublers, and twisters. This business was established in 1854, and the premises occupied comprise a large warehouse on the ground floor and gallery, extending from 34 to 48, London Street, with factory of four flats behind, and large store below the warehouse. The machinery employed in the works is for cotton yam twisting, and is driven by two large steam-engines.

    he long time this firm has been connected with the cotton yam trade, the thorough knowledge of it, and the undeviating rectitude in the characters of the Messrs. Marshall, are the secrets by which the high position they occupy has been reached.

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