Martin & Millar

Martin & Millar, Tanners, 847, Duke Street.

    It is particularly interesting, in reviewing historically the various industries and manufactures of this city and district, to meet with a firm of such old standing and extensive connections as that of Messrs. Martin & Millar, tanners. The business was established in the year 1860 in Port Glasgow, and, owing to its rapid development and the necessity for increased accommodation, the present extensive works were entered upon in 1864, and increased from time to time to present size.

    These cover nearly five acres of ground, and comprise large buildings in which the various processes of the tanning business are carried out. A marked and impressive feature of these works is the solid and substantial character of the buildings, which are constructed mostly of brick and iron on the most approved principles, and are acknowledged to be the best and most complete of their kind in the kingdom. All the most modern appliances for minimizing the labour and economising the cost of production in every way have been introduced. The several departments are each superintended by a competent workman, having a special knowledge of the work under his charge, and in the aggregate over a hundred workmen are constantly employed. The various branches of the business are carried out on a very extensive scale.

    The manufactures consist of oak bark tanned leather for belting, rough and curried leather for harness and saddlery, close rounded free from offal, sole leather in butts and bends, machinery leather of all descriptions, shoulders, ranges and bellies, &c. This firm have a splendid connection with the leading wholesale houses in the trade, extending to all parts of Scotland, England, and Ireland, and through the shipping houses to all parts of the world. It is impossible to inspect the manufactures here carried on, where such a variety of processes and delicate operations are involved, without being much impressed by the success wherewith this firm have reduced the difficult art of tanning to almost scientific precision.

    Mr. John Millar, who is now the sole proprietor of this extensive business, is a gentleman occupying an influential position in mercantile circles, and well known and highly esteemed for his active exertions in promoting the best interests of the trade and commerce of this city.

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