Wm. Martin

Wm. Martin, Shipping and Passenger Agent, 28, Renfield Street.—

    Although still a young man, Mr. Martin has succeeded in forming a very thriving and extensive business. It may be said to comprise two distinct departments, in one of which Mr. Martin acts as the representative of Messrs. F. A. Hodgkinson & Co., the well-known shipping agents, while in the other department he carries on the business of ship-broking independently. Messrs. F. A. Hodgkinson & Co. are well-known shipping agents, having offices in London, with branches in Dundee, Liverpool, Manchester, &c. The firm has been in existence for twenty-three years, Mr. Martin having represented it in Glasgow for eight years. Messrs. Hodgkinson act as shipping agents for the principal lines of steamships, and as passenger agents for all the lines of steamers and sailing vessels to Adelaide, Melbourne, and other ports both in Australia and New Zealand.

    As a general shipping agent, Mr. Martin acts for several important lines of steamers, notably that known as the Colonial Union Company’s line to Australia and New Zealand. The rates by this line will bear very favourable comparison with those usually charged. Mr. Martin also acts as agent for the “Compania Trasatlantica”, trading to Singapore, Vera Cruz, the Phillipines, and Pacific ports ; also for Larrinaga & Co.’s steamers, trading to Porto Rico and Cuba.

    Mr. Martin has also devoted considerable attention to literary work, and is well known as the author of several papers he has delivered before various societies. Among these may be noted “Aspects of Nature”, and also a work of exceptional merit, entitled “Thomas Carlyle : his Life and Work”. The firm is widely known and has achieved a well-deserved success.

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