J. McArthur

J. McArthur, Tailor and Clothier, 390, Rutherglen Road.—

    A noted house in the representation of the tailoring and clothing trade is that of Mr. J. McArthur, which was established by him in South York Street, and removed to the present address in 1887. The premises are centrally situated, and have an attractive front shop, and well-appointed workshop in the rear.

    The piece and other goods held in stock are of a select description, consisting of best Scotch and English tweeds, Meltons, broadcloths, boxcloths, Cashmeres, and other serviceable and wear-resisting fabrics. Business and dress coats, vests, and trousers, are the leading-specialities for which the house is noted. McArthur’s clothing is well known all over the city and its environs for its excellence, fashionable cut, and finished appearance. All the working staff employed are picked tradesmen, Mr. McArthur carefully superintending every garment made, the result being that every article is turned out in the best possible style. The trade is exclusively confined to regular customers, and extends over town and country. The proprietor is a practical tailor, and is held in the highest esteem by his numerous patrons.

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