Samuel McArthur

Samuel McArthur, Ham, Butter, and Egg Merchant, 415, Dumbarton Road, Partick.—

    Mr. McArthur’s influence is much felt in Partick, in his operations in the above-named goods. He has been over twelve years in the ham, butter, and egg trade in Partick, and his business has every year increased. At the present time he sells between three and four hundred cases of eggs per week. He has an extensive connection with the large farmers in Ireland, and their eggs, butter, and pigs have been regularly consigned to him all the time he has been in business. He cures all his rolled bacon, and has a daily supply of fine, large, yellow, country eggs. These are the best eggs that can be got, and are so rich that three of them are equal to four white ones. His goods are all very highly prized by all classes.

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