William McChesney

William McChesney, Machine Embroiderer, Old Barrowfield Works, 48, French Street, Bridgeton, and Hayfield House, 288, London Road.—

    A most important trade in connection with the industries of Glasgow is that carried on by the firm of William McChesney at the above-named location. Mr. McChesney established his work at Barrowfield in 1884. It consists of a fine flat, covering an area of 3,200 square feet, and contains a number of most ingenious labour-saving machines, which, with the assistance of thirty employees, produce the most beautiful embroidery work upon pinafores, tidies, cushion covers, petticoats, fancy dresses, morning gowns, and other fancy goods, badges, &c., many of which are exhibited in the firm’s elegant establishment known as Hayfield House, London Road.

    Mr. McChesney’s fame as an embroiderer has won for him a wide connection in the wholesale trade in England and Scotland. Doubtless his high personal qualities and the perseverance by which he is maintaining and extending his connection have helped him to win his well-merited renown. Altogether, there is no industry in Glasgow so interesting as that carried on in the factory above described.

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