James M. McCheyne & Co.

James M. McCheyne & Co., Auctioneers, 85 and 87, Candleriggs.

    Under the above title a very large and important business is carried on. It is one that has only been established during comparatively late years, but a large connection has been gained, and the firm decidedly ranks among the principal houses similarly engaged. The business was originally established at the present address about 1882.

    The proprietors are Messrs. James and Thomas McCheyne, and Thomas Flint. The premises occupied consist of spacious offices, salerooms, &c., at the above address. These are well fitted and in every respect admirably adapted to the required purpose. An efficient staff is engaged, and the business carried out on an extensive scale.

    The leading feature of this is comprised in the work of auctioneers, in which the firm are extensively engaged. They conduct sales in all parts of the kingdom as well as in their own salerooms. Messrs. McCheyne & Co.s establishment is widely popular among the general public. The salerooms are heavily stocked with large quantities of goods which the proprietors have received instructions to dispose of.

    The business is carried out on enterprising principles, and the manner in which every transaction is completed has rendered the firm highly popular. A large business is also done in valuing property of all descriptions, the services of the firm being in great request in this direction. The proprietors also conduct extensive sales of landed and other property in all parts of the kingdom. In every department a large trade is done among a highly influential connection. This is largely confined to the locality, but by no means exclusively so, as the firm are widely renowned all over the country.

    Under the able and energetic management of the proprietors an important trade has been developed, and the firm, although of such recent origin, has attained a prominent position in the trade.

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