Wm. McConnell

Wm. McConnell, Dyer and Starcher of Cotton Hank and Warps, 24, Duncan Street.—

    An important branch of trade in the capital of the Clyde is that of dyeing, which, as an industry, is one of the most ancient. In connection with this interesting and most important industry we have great pleasure in making prominent mention of a firm which, on account of its old standing and reputation, is one of the most representative of its class in the country. We refer to that of Wm. McConnell, dyer and starcher. The business was established by the present Mr. Wm. McConnell half a century ago, in the same premises, and is still carried on by him.

    The premises occupy an area of four thousand square yards, and comprise warehouses, offices, preparation rooms, finishing and dye-houses, &c. Mr. McConnell’s principal business consists of dyeing cotton yarns in hanks and warps, yarn polishing, starching, finishing, and sizeing yarns. Mr. McConnell is well known in the trade to have been the first to introduce the famous silk finish to cotton goods ; and being the most extensive warp dyer in the country, has the largest and most influential connection. His trade, although chiefly local, extends to the north of Scotland, and he has a large share of the Irish trade.

    Mr. McConnell owes the high position he holds in this trade principally to his being a thoroughly practical man and to his having a genius for the art of dyeing ; but no doubt his frank manner and undeviating rectitude are qualities which have added to the esteem in which he is held by his many supporters and private friends.

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