McDonald & Morrison

McDonald & Morrison, Extra Chief Engineers, 16 Bridge Street, S.S.

    The Messrs. McDonald & Morrison has utilised their experiences in marine engineering to the best effect, in so far as in 1882, they inaugurated a school for pupils in the branches of marine science and practice which are so necessary to those who follow an engineering career, and who are likely, sooner or later, to have a charge and responsibility less or more in the management of marine affairs or the navigation of our ships.

    The school was originally for preparing engineers for the Board of Trade examinations ; but since then, it has naturally expanded into a technical school, equipped with models, to educate its pupils in the more practical parts of the profession, such as slide valve motions, inertia of moving parts, expansions of steam diagrams, &c. and practical mathematics and algebra. For this purpose, the Messrs. McDonald & Morrison have three classrooms on the top flat at 16, Bridge Street, South Side and employ a staff of four teachers. They have always a large number of pupils attending these classes, and make a special feature in these preparations of the higher mathematics and in their applications to mechanics.

    Mr. McDonald was late chief engineer in the Allan Line of steamships, and Mr. Morrison was late chief engineer with the Clyde Shipping Company., They are both gentlemen possessed of first-class qualities, and have a through scientific knowledge of what they profess to teach ; and their school will, undoubtedly, yet prove itself of inestimable value to the seafaring youth of the Clyde.

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