John McFarlane

John McFarlane, Shortbread Manufacturer & Family Baker, and Purveyor for marriage, Dinner & Evening Parties, 392, Hamilton Place, Partick.

    Mr. John McFarlane has been established in business over thirty years at his present address, and he has throughout this long period enjoyed a high reputation. In fact, his premises have had to be enlarged and remodelled from time to time to meet the demands of his steadily increasing trade. He occupies a handsome comer shop of spacious dimensions and well fitted. He has a splendid family connection in Partick and the surrounding district.

    His stock of plain and fancy bread is always of superior quality, and very often the demand outruns the supply. It is, however, as a manufacturer of shortbread that Mr. J. McFarlane is most widely known, and in this renowned article he does an enormous trade. His bakery is new, and equipped with most modern appliances and improvements. It is situated at the rear of his shop, and it is admirably arranged for manufacturing this speciality.

    As an honourable and upright tradesman, and a worthy and conscientious citizen, Mr. McFarlane is popular and esteemed.

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