M. & J. McFarlane

M. & J. McFarlane, Forage Merchants, 151, North Street.—

    Established a quarter of a century ago by Malcolm, who was joined, shortly afterwards by his brother John, this business rapidly extended, necessitating frequent changes of premises, until the present extensive warehouse and stores were purchased by John, who had in the interval become sole partner. The stock held is extensive, consisting exclusively of oats, beans, hay, straw, and other provender. The great speciality, for which the house has a high reputation, is their well-known “horse feed”, which for placing animals in good working and saleable condition has no equal in the city. The connection is very extensive and well established among the landed gentry and horse-owners all over Scotland.

    Mr. McFarlane is a gentleman of great experience in all branches of the business and well known on the leading forage markets. Dovetailing into their business, a number of years ago they added the jobbing and posting departments. This branch, it is pleasing to note, has steadily increased, and last year, when the very old-established firm of Henry Lawson & Son was dissolved, Mr. John acquired their extensive bazaar in Berkely Street, and assuming his brother James as a partner, this section since been conducted under the firm of McFarlane Brothers. As jobmasters they are the second largest in the city, and carry on as well an active posting business. The starting of this line by the firm has been instrumental in improving the quality of carriage-horses in Glasgow, as they only purchase the best class, and other firms are now following suit.

    Mr. John is a member of the Glasgow Town Council and one of the respected majors in the 1st Lanark Rifles. The telegraphic address is "Queensberry", and the telephone No. 158.

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