James McGeachy & Co.

James McGeachy & Co., 93 and 95, Union Street.—

    All phases of literature, and especially that of a biblical character, are particularly well represented by the old-established emporium known as “The Central Book Store”, in Union Street, which was established by the late Mr. James McGeachy in 1850. This gentleman died in December, 1883, and since then the business has been continued by his widow and Mr. J. W. Morgan, under the trade title of James McGeachy & Co.

    The emporium is composed of an extensive shop with three spacious windows, two entrances, and a large saloon in the rear. There are excellent fixtures for the placing of stock, and around this amphitheatre are placed books in all departments of literature, Bibles and Testaments for all purposes taking a prominent place. There is an extensive assortment of the works of standard authors in elegant and attractive bindings. Scrapbooks and newspaper cutting books are also to be seen in great variety. A great impetus is given to literature in Glasgow by this warehouse, inasmuch as all the books on its shelves are offered to the public at wholesale prices. The firm deal in every description of books and stationery, and execute bookbinding in a superior style and at moderate quotations. A full working staff are regularly employed in the different executive departments of the business, which is well organised in every respect and conducted with tact and energy, which doubtless forms the basis of the celebrity attained by the house of being the foremost of its kind in the city.

    The manager, Mr. Alexander Stuart, is a gentleman of extensive experience in the trade and well versed in the technics of literature generally. He is highly respected by the literati who frequent the depot, and by his trade colleagues in the city.

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